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Dust Mite Protection


If you have pets inside your house or have just installed a new carpet, then you are most likely to have dust mites somewhere in your house. They are living at every corner of your house, eating your dead skin cells from the family. Sometimes food crumbs found at the bottom of the couch or sofa will be excellent feeing source for them. If you have children at the house running around room to room, then the chances are higher because they tend to hold cookies and little foods on their hands and the little bits and bytes will drop into the carpet and corner of the sofa.

What are these little annoying creatures? Dust mites are microscopic bugs that you can see when it gets dark and using florescent light. They are treated as same kind of the family as spiders and ticks. They have four pairs of legs, and the allergen will eat and breed feces as other normal insects do. Dust mites feces have the source of materials that will cause a serious allergy to any human being.

You can identify these allergies through blood and it will result in sneezing and runny nose, which sometimes develops into asthma. Therefore, it is very important for the adults at any house to get warned about this fact and prepare with solid protection plan.

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dust mites control

Prevention Plan is better

Nowadays dust mite protection is becoming very popular subject as more and more people are claiming allergy symptoms with their busy everyday life style. As a homeowner, you will have to come up with a prevention plan rather than remedy solution because once you get the symptom, it tends to last longer than you thought. As a basic prevention, you can start vacuum cleaning every corner of your house such as carpets, foamy sofa and tiny bottom of your cushions. Believe it or not, this vacuum cleaning is very effective way of collecting all the residues left by dust mites.

dust mite protection

Another way of protection method is to wash fabrics on a regular basis with hot water which will eventually get rid of dust mite feces in high temperature condition. In order to kill an army of dust mites, you will only need about 55 degrees semi boiling water.

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Air purifier is another type of protection method, along with bed bug spray. You can also use dust mite protection layer in your mattresses. It is a plastic cover sealed on top of the mattress to stop any allergens from growing inside.

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